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Hi, my name is Banu welcome to my journal hope you like it check also my graphic community add me if you like
im a big fan of Supernatural - Gossip Girl - Buffy The Vampire Slayer but Im also a huge fan of Argentine Series like Muneca Brava & Sos Mi Vida but im not Spanish or can speak Spanish !..LOL Funny but I Saw the serie in Turkish Channel in 2002 so long ago but I liked it very much so..
hope im clear and that it .. enjoy.

Old news but I really love the Twilight series I readed all the series and love it very much.. realy a must read book or if you saw the movie you have to read the books to..so if you are a twilight fan you can find pretty much graphics if you like my style also join to my personal Twilight Series community private_jokes if you are a maker please join the community so you can also post there .. Thank you.

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